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I've heard it for about a year now. Standard loot system is SO much more troll. All you do is click a button, no cost required, and whoever is on lady luck's side that day gets the loot. You can go weeks, maybe longer, without getting what you need. You could go the entire time getting absolutely NOTHING for all your time invested.

And then BNS comes around with a revolutionary system. Doesn't matter if you need what drops or not, doesn't matter if lady luck is on your side, you ALWAYS come away with something. You always get something for the time you invested in that dungeon. Sure, some people are dicks and bid on shit they don't need, but you know what? They're PAYING for the privilege of being an asshole. They don't just have to casually click a button and roll a 90 while you rolled an 87.

My best guess is people are just afraid of change. People would prefer to leave it up to chance rather than actually placing value on how much they want something or what their time is worth. Like, what the Blade And Soul Power leveling? There is literally nothing better about the need/greed system as implemented in every game ever over BnS's bid system.

Sure, you could class-restrict items in need/greed (and they could implement this in BnS if they wanted to), but few games do it. And you know what? If that item is worth anything at all, someone is still going to roll on it just to be an ass even if they already have it.

So sick of the whining about this. If you really hate this system that bad make a premade and change the loot setting to whatever you want. Bidding isn't the only system this game has.

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By TamamShamoon
Added Mar 17 '16



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