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How Important is Perl for Businesses?


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being an interpreted language, Perl is hugely popular among software developers due to its flexibility and high level performance. The general purpose language was originally developed as a mere report processing tools. But within a short span of time, Perl has emerged as a scripting language that is used widely by programmers across the world to create large and complex web applications. On the whole, a business can reap several benefits by using Perl for rich internet application development regardless of its

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size and sector.

Major Benefits a Business can Reap by Using Perl

Available for Multiple Server Platforms: To increase the software’s compatibility, a business has to use a scripting language that is compatible with some of the widely used server platforms. At present, Perl is compatible with a wide range of server platforms including Macintosh, OS/2, Windows and most variants of UNIX. Thus, it makes it easier for businesses to make their software programs compatible across operating systems and server platforms.

Short Development Cycle: Unlike other scripting languages, Perl is an interpreted language. Thus, the developers can use Perl to develop and test applications by eliminating the compilation part of cycle. As they can avoid create, compile, debug, test and fix cycles, the development cycles are shortened. The feature further makes it easier for businesses to update their applications in future by adding advanced capabilities and innovative features.

Low Cost: A business can further use Perl to curtail development cost. The programming language is being distributed under the GNU “copyleft”. The license enables companies to access the source of Perl without paying any extra charges. The business, however, is required to pay only a small copying charge. Further, a company has option to obtain Perl either as source code or precompiled binaries for multiple platforms.

Loads of Perl Modules: While developing software with Perl, the code writers can access the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). CPAN is a well

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maintained and comprehensive repository of loads of Perl Modules. Like C Modules, Perl Modules can be seamlessly integrated with Perl programs and scripts. With Perl programmers constantly releasing new code libraries, it has become

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easier for businesses to access the free Perl Modules to accomplish specific goals without investing in commercial tools.

Option to Skip Complex Programming: Unlike other web technologies, Perl is efficient, complete and easy to use. As the programming language is designed to be practical, the developers can accomplish several tasks and goals without writing any lengthy and complex code. Further, Perl enables programmers to accomplish a specific goal in a number of ways. So the programmers can accomplish the goals without putting any additional time and effort.

In-Built Debugging Features: Most businesses, nowadays, deploy dedicated QA engineers to make the software application flawless. The testing professionals often use a variety of tools to identify and fix all bugs, errors or flaws in the application. The testers have option to identify the bugs, errors or flaws in the software by availing the in-built debugging features of Perl. They can further use Perl to write test scripts for assessing the software application’s functionalities.

Usable for System Administration: An enterprise can also use Perl as glue to hold multiple systems together. So Perl can also be used as an efficient system administration tools to integrate and manage several systems. A software application may use multiple interfaces developed by different companies. So the interfaces may not interact with each other seamlessly. But Perl still allows business to process and manage all these interfaces without any hassle.

At present, a business also has option to choose from two Sale Top Shoe distinct languages belonging to the Perl family. It can use Perl 5 to accomplish tasks like graphics programming, network programming and system administration. At the same time, the company can further use Perl 6 as a separate language for cross-language development. So each business now can choose either Perl 5 or Perl 6 according to the specific needs of the project. You can get in touch with a perl web programming companies who can help you develop web apps that are stable, scalable and secure.

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